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Boitzenburg Castle Chapel and Vaults

A fortress stood on this site as early as in the 13th century, however the beginnings of the present castle date to the 16th century when the von Armin family took it over.

The castle was remodeled many times, including in the neo-Renaissance style by Count Adolf von Armin between 1881-84 with architect Carl Doflein.

After Doflein's renovations

Doflein also led the construction of the family burial vaults between 1887-89 in the park northeast of the castle in an area called Caroline Grove (Carolinenhein). The stone mausoleum is guarded on each side by life-sized lion statues. Salviati is documented as having made mosaic decorations for both the castle's chapel, as well as the burial vaults.

The von Armin family burial vaults

The von Armin family lost the castle and the grounds to German nationalization during World War II, and the property fell into disrepair. The main building was extensively renovated in the 1990s and today is open as a hotel.

The interior of the vault is extremely deteriorated. 

The Waldkapelle Mellenau (Mellenau Forest Chapel) was built in 1906 by Anna von Armin Mellenau not far from the castle. It was extensively renovated in the 1990s and there are no signs of any mosaics.

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Schloss Boitzenburg
Gasthof zum Grunen Baum
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