Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Portraits II

Singapore's Peranakan Museum holds the two Salviati mosaic portraits made for local businessman Tan Soo Bin.

Previously, the portraits apparently were hung in the family's home Panglima Prang that was built before 1860 and demolished in 1982.

The National Museum of Bavaria purchased Salviati's mosaic portrait reproductions of Hagia Sophia's 10th century depictions of Justinian and Theodora (which themselves are copies of those from the 6th century in Ravenna) at the 1873 Vienna Universal Exposition.

Original mosaics of Justinian and Theodora from Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (not Salviati - illustration only)

Salviati and Burke exhibited a mosaic portrait of Titian, as well as the head of Christ after Guido Reni at the fall 1884 meeting of the Architectural Association in London.

Reproduction of Thorn-crowned Christ after Guido Reni by A. Orsoni of Venice (not Salviati - illustration only)

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