Friday, April 5, 2013

Canford Magna Church

The history of this church goes back as far as the Saxon period in the 11th century, but it was remodeled since then including by David Brandon in 1876-78.

It was most likely during Brandon's alterations that the mosaic angels by Salviati, which frame the central stained glass window, were added to the east chancel wall.

British Listed Buildings
Dorset Historic Churches Trust
Canford Magna Parish Church


  1. I collect Salviati goblets, and am in this church right now, looking at these. Absolutely stunning!

    1. Hello Gary! Thanks for your note. I love connecting with fellow Salviati enthusiasts and how lucky are you to be seeing these in person right now :) I agree, they're magnificent.

    2. They were superb. I have written a little about the experience on my own blog. Thank you for a very useful database, very interesting.