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Although not architectural decorations, these mosaic portraits by Salviati - arguably the most famous ones made by the company - deserve a mention.

Prince Albert, Victoria and Albert Museum, London (1864). In 1866, Queen Victoria gifted to the museum this Salviati mosaic medallion depicting the late Prince Consort Albert (item 261-1866). Made by artist Enrico Podio in Salviati's workshop in 1864, this piece is on display in room 131.

The city of Venice gifted two portraits to the City of Genoa shortly after the former joined the Kingdom of Italy.

Marco Polo, Municipal Palace of Genoa: Palazzo Grimaldi Doria-Tursi (1867)

 Christopher Columbus, Municipal Palace of Genoa: Palazzo Grimaldi Doria-Tursi (1867)
Antonio Salviati personally gifted two presidential portraits to the United States Congress.

Abraham Lincoln, US Senate, Washington, DC (1866)

James A. Garfield, US Senate, Washington, DC (1882) by Salviati and Burke

The mosaic portrait of Giuseppe Garibaldi (1883) is now in the Murano Museum of Glass.

The same location houses the portrait of Victor Emmanuell II, which was part of Salviati's exhibit at the 1867 Paris Expo and was modelled after an original painting by Giulio Carlini.

Another presidential portrait was created after Antonio Salviati's death for the St. Louis World's Fair.

Theodore Roosevelt, Corning Museum of Glass, New York (1904)

Elena of Montenegro (consort of Italy's Victor Emmanuel III), Corning Museum of Glass, New York (1900)

Jane Lathrop Stanford, Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California (1900)

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