Monday, January 21, 2013

Royal Frogmore Mausoleum

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were both buried in this private mausoleum located on the Frogmore Estate that adjoins Windsor Castle. Designed by Albert Jenkins Humbert and Ludwig Gruner soon after the Prince's December 1861 death, the Romanesque building was consecrated in December 1862.

The mausoleum's extensive interior decorations were not fully completed until 1871. However, the entrance portico's walls and ceiling of Salviati mosaics were finished by the mausoleum's consecration. With this project, Queen Victoria had given the firm the first of its numerous English commission.

One of the six angels decorating the portico's walls.

According to a 1901 article, within the interior of the mausoleum "the pendentives of the lanterns are filled with pictures executed by Salviati in mosaic".

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The Royal Collection

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