Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Castello di Brolio Chapel

Located 20 km northeast of Siena, Brolio Castle has been the home of the Ricasoli family for over 800 years.

The Chapel of San Jacopo, along with most of the present castle, was rebuilt in the Gothic Revival style in 1860 after the designs of architect Pietro Marchetti.

The Salviati mosaics with subjects from the life of the Savior - The Annunciation, Jesus in the Garden of Olives, and The Adulteress - were based on cartoons by the Sienese painter Alessandro Franchi and were installed in 1880.

Today, the Ricasoli family operates the oldest winery in Italy and has produced its own formula of Chianti since 1872.

Greve in Chianti
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Barone Ricasoli
Crepuscoli dottorali. Bettino Ricasoli, Pietro Marchetti e la Compagnia Venezia Murano. La storia dei mosaici della cappella di San Jacopo.

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