Friday, March 29, 2013

Church of St. Nicholas Sevastopol

Located on the Black Sea and dedicated to the patron saint of sailors, this pyramid-shaped church was built in 1857-70 as part of the Imperial Russian military cemetery by Alexey Andreyevich Avdeyev after he revised original plans by architect Andrei Ivanovich Stackenschneider.

The exterior of the church is decorated with Salviati mosaics of figures and ornaments.

Christ Pantocrator after a painting by Fyodor Bruni, a Russian painter of Italian descent.

Between 1887 and 1893, over 600 square meters of original paintings on the interior were replaced by mosaics by Salviati. Half of the mosaics were damaged during shelling in June 1942, but they have since been restored.

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Photo album of Sevastopol
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Memorial Church of St. Nicholas

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