Friday, March 8, 2013

Kensington Valhalla

Commissioned for the South Court of what is today London's Victoria and Albert Museum, these mosaics were created by Salviati based upon original paintings by various contemporary artists as part of a 35 piece installation.

Benozzo Gozzoli designed by Edward Armitage (1865)

Apelles by Edward J. Poynter (1865)

Original cartoon for William of Wykeham (1866) by Richard Burchett

Wykeham (third from left), Hans Holbein (1868) by W.F. Yeames (third from right), Giorgione by Val Prinsep (second from right), and Sir Joshua Reynolds (1869) by H.W. Phillips (far right)

Fra Giacomo Da Ulma (c. 1868) by Nathaniel Westlake

Nicola Pisano by Frederic Leighton (after 1866)

Several of the panels can be seen in their original locations on the left in 1886.

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