Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ethnological Museum, Berlin

Located next to the Museum of Decorative Arts (also known as the Gropius Bau) at Koniggratzer Strasse 120 (now Stresemann Strasse), this museum was built in 1880-86 by architect Hermann Ende.

Otto Lessing designed cartoons of the (then) seven planets and the solar system, seasons, arts and industry, as well as phases of life which Salviati applied in mosaic to the ceiling of the circular entrance hall.

As with many of Berlin's buildings, this museum was also damaged in World War II. It served as the Museum of Pre- and Early History until 1961, when it was eventually razed.

In 1954

In 1961

The southeastern corner of Stresemann Strasse and Niederkirchner Strasse now contains a parking lot.

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